Thursday, 3 May 2012


Of both the literal and cultural variety this week, readers.

First the cultural. It all started last Thursday night, when we hit town and to take in the South African opera.

It was just the most amazing experience of a staged production I've ever had: ever, ever, ever. I loved every minute. This clip hardly does it justice.

By the end I was up on my feet, loudly showing my appreciation. The encore was a traditional South African song, and afterwards the man next to me asked me its name. I chose to be flattered, rather than annoyed, on this occasion, readers. I wish I did know its name and all the words. I've been slightly obsessed with South Africa, since it began its new life...South African arts, South African fashion...(of which, more later).

Now to the literal heatwave. I'm so pleased to tell this blog that Raphy and I continue our explorations into darkest Brandenburg...
As temperatures soared to 30 degrees, we took to our wheels... 
...and were to be found lakeside...
...and riverside on the beautiful, watery outskirts of Berlin.
Truly a bike will take you anywhere in this city. Its hard to believe that scenes like this are within the borders of the capital.

I'm really very inspired to create something from this image...
Ahhh, but since the heatwave seems to be over...This weekend, I'm looking forward to BE.BOP and a new exhibition Fashioning Fashion....

Peace peeps!


  1. Sorry, but I had to laugh about the guy asking you that question. Oh dear.

    Clip looks great! I'm with you on feeling the SA renaissance, so much culture, intellectual thought, design etc. being produced there. Inspirational. I'm visiting Cape Town next week for the first time and have a feeling I may not want to leave.

    It was very nice to meet you briefly last weekend in the beautiful Berlin! Lovely city. Thank you for the generous comment with regards to my presentation, it was truly encouraging to hear.

    Bis bald!

  2. I know, right? But of course, I know this and every other African song ever sung, ever. I think he was just fishing :-)

    Very jelly of your visit to Cape Town. (sob)

    Your talk was fascinating! And right up my street where feminist history is concerned. I think that's really what its all about. It was a great panel, worth sticking around for.

    Enjoy the Cape!