Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Frontier Girl

There's an austerity to the natural beauty of the mountains....

That takes some getting used to...

But, dear reader, I'm delighted to tell this blog that I climbed into a pair of skiing boots, and gave the thing a respectable try, somewhere near the bottom of this mountain.
At first it was tricky...
But I'm assured I did pretty well.
Inwardly, I'm also glad that no video footage exists...
Here is the Raphy in his element. Watching him career down steep slopes put me in mind of the Beeb's Ski Sunday, which I often sat glued to as a child. Oh, yes, I was the original 10-year-old armchair expert on a whole range of sports. A regular little pundit prodigy. People listened to me. Its a wonder that I somehow remained beneath the radar of Grandstand and Match of the Day, but, ours is not to question why...

Speaking of Ski Sunday, it had (still has?) the chippiest, most invigorating theme music - (brilliant theme tunes are something a favourite blogger of mine, designer and writer Kate Davies, had us all musing over lately) 


Also, check out a new 'old' hair recipe on my Things to Make and Do page...


  1. Your blog is cool! You're soooo lucky that you get to ski! I envy you.

  2. Hi Rochelle, like your blog too. These photos are stunning, well done for trying it out

    1. Thanks, I confess I was a little out of my comfort zone. But I dig the speed element. I can see how its a major thrill for the pros.