Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Creative Juices...

Raphy made an insanely good lentil stew last night. See the 'Things to Make and Do' page for the recipe, which, to tell you the truth, he wasn't overly keen to share, but, dear reader, I persuaded him that something this good, ought to be in the public domain (I don't mind telling this blog that I licked my plate).

Please make and enjoy, and come back and share your adaptions and variations with me. Lentils must be the most versatile of foods...

Speaking of creating, I want to share with you my first attempt at knitting an entire dress (see the grey smock-number below).

Not bad, eh? Details of the dress pattern I almost followed are available here and, as I discovered during the tricky bits, help is at hand from this kind lady.

Yes, in case word hadn't reached you, knitting is where its at. Women and men are rediscovering the practical pleasures and restorative benefits of sitting down alone and with friends to make something wearable. Why, only last night I caught up with friends over a glass of wine and a ball of wool, so to speak.

In response to the this trend, crafting and creativity more generally been the subject of two brilliant recent exhibitions in London, for which resources are available online, to inspire you still;  The Power of Making at the V&A and Handmade Tales at the Women's Library. I need hardly say that the recession (snore) has something to do with the resurgence of interest in this marriage of thrift, practicality and creativity.

Knitting helped me to chill-the-hell-out during the most challenging phases of writing my doctorate - when I lived and breathed intense trips to archives, and a writing process that was at times magical, and at others grinding and solitary.

In Berlin the knitting 'scene' thrives and has proved a great way for me to meet people since I arrived last summer. There are many beautiful wool shops in the city and regular 'stitch and bitch' knitting meetings abound, to sustain a knitter. Check out Ravelry to find local meetings in your area, as well as a vast library of patterns (many of them free), and a cool network of creative people to ask questions of as you get started.


My cultural highlights of recent weeks include: First Aid Kit, Laura Marling (both at Postbahnhof), and the Bruce Davidson exhibition, Subway, at CIO Berlin. 

The Raphy saw Lagos Business Angels, but I was poorly and had to miss it.

Not to be missed: Lovely Londoner Michael Kinuaaka also at Postbahnhof on 23.04.12.

Until next Wednesday.....xx


  1. I recently attended a series of conference sessions in New York on the geographies of craft and crafting in Britain and America. Clearly it's all happening in Berlin too! Very impressed with your dress.

    1. Thank you my dear. Craft and crafting is where its at, I'm amazed at how many thriving small businesses there are in this field and I plan to join my crafty sisters.